Certification of Commercial Documents

ICCHK is an internationally recognised organisation providing CO services and trade documents certification. CO documents issued by ICCHK is recognised by Customs authorities all over the world

Expeditious services

Certification of commercial documents can be made within 10 minutes.

Types of Certification of Documents

A (forms download) 9 Types of Documents :
  • Certificates of Origin (Overseas)
  • Annex to Mexico
  • Packing List
  • Export Declaration
  • Non-Manipulation
  • Certificate of Vessel
  • Air Way Bill
  • Sea Way Bill
  • Conformity Certificate
B (forms download) Documents other than above 9 Documents E.g., Price list, Contract, Sales Confirmation etc
C (forms download) Exporter’s Commercial Invoice

Documentary Requirements

  • Typed and Completed Application form
  • Copy of Hong Kong Business Registration (BR) Certificate
  • Submit 4 copies of documents (will certify 1 Original and 2 Copies)